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Album Review: Excellent Cadaver – Faith Destroyed

“FAITH DESTROYED! I can’t breathe for the smoke inside of my lungs… Choking… RISING UP AND TAKING OVER! FAITH DESTROYED! You can’t speak without lies surrounding your tongue… Vengeance… RISING UP AND TAKING OVER ME!” Well, as you can already … Continue reading

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Album Review: Trivium – Vengeance Falls

Yup – it’s me again… and I did promise I would do a negative review this time… so here’s a bit of a story behind this band… Their first, usually forgotten about album, Embers To Inferno was released in 2003, … Continue reading

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M. S. P. – Beauty Killed The Beast

Band name: Beauty Killed The Beast Genre: Metalcore Band line up: Jordon McCubbin – Vocals Chad Reddick – Guitar Mike Kessel – Guitar Nathan Reddick – Bass Jake Bock – Drums Where you come from: Sioux City, Iowa Why people … Continue reading

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Album Review: Avenged Sevenfold – Hail to the King

Avenged Sevenfold have undergone a great amount of change over their time. The initial sounds that came from ‘Sounding the Seventh Trumpet’ bear hardly any similarity to ‘Hail to the King’. This album shows the band is taking a whole … Continue reading

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Band of the Week: Overleden

Band of the Week is back! This week we have an interview with Iranian band Overleden, which was carried out by Mahdi Dn for Mosh on the Radio! How long have you been playing together? Peyman: Almost two and a … Continue reading

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