Album Review: Excellent Cadaver – Faith Destroyed

FAITH DESTROYED! I can’t breathe for the smoke inside of my lungs… Choking… RISING UP AND TAKING OVER!
FAITH DESTROYED! You can’t speak without lies surrounding your tongue… Vengeance… RISING UP AND TAKING OVER ME!

Well, as you can already see, these aren’t your standard “inspirational” metalcore lyrics, and upon finding out that this, the album’s title song Faith Destroyed is a song about the Catholic Church’s betrayal of the Templars by executing them, it seems this song is actually about something a bit more interesting than your everyday throwaway lyrics about self-entitlement and being yourself. Before more people message me, telling me to kill myself for having an opinion (like six people have done for my opinion that Trivium’s In Waves is worse than Miley CyrusWrecking Ball), I would like to point out that the lyrics being about self-entitlement and being yourself isn’t what annoys me about standard generic… umm… every genre these days to be honest… it’s that they all say the same f***ing thing repeatedly as every other bland, non-energetic “Oh just shut up, enjoy the music and give us some money so we can be famous” type artist out there.

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Album Review: Eternal Storm – From The Ashes

So Eternal Storm are a melodic extreme metal band from Spain… and as I’m the new reviewer on this website, I had never heard of them before I agreed to review them…

So going in, I’m sad to say I expected some standard deathgrind or deathcore, like most bands who claim to be ‘extreme metal’ turn out to be… which is really depressing, because from my point of view, there is nothing extreme about such bands – especially since too many of them sound the same and are a bit repetitive… so what about this band?

Well – the intro track does sound extremely well done. I like the mildly dark atmosphere, and melodic clean sound. Unfading Memories seems like an interesting title for this track, and other track names, combined with the sound make you wonder if there is a recurring theme…

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Album Review: Trivium – Vengeance Falls

Yup – it’s me again… and I did promise I would do a negative review this time… so here’s a bit of a story behind this band…

Their first, usually forgotten about album, Embers To Inferno was released in 2003, when Matt Heafy was only 17 years old… it was a solid album, it lacked energy in some songs, but the basic ingredients were all there, I never liked Matt Heafy’s vocals, but I wouldn’t say they were bad… I always thought his screams sounded a little bit strained, and they lacked power… but that’s just my opinion, but regardless, I have to respect him for composing all the music and writing all the lyrics here. For a first album, it definitely wasn’t bad… hell, songs like Pillars Of Serpents, If I Could Collapse The Masses and When All Light Dies were even pretty damn good. If I were reviewing this album, I would give it maybe a 6/10.

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Album Review: Man Made Origin – False Consciousness

Yes, I am reviewing another progressive metal band – quite different from Ramage Inc. though…

This album is not your standard collection of songs that work together when placed in the right order (like most albums)… but like Opeth’s Ghost Reveries (well, the first seven tracks of it at least), this album tells a story, not just through the lyrics (like such albums as Green Day’s American Idiot), but through the music too.

Under most circumstances, I’m sad to say most bands that go down this path fall into the same unfortunate trap… it becomes all about how talented, high-level musicians they are with no care for emotions or any interest in melody… it usually becomes all about “hey guys… look at me… I can play ____________” or “hey guys… listen to my incredible vocal range… I’m so amazing!” and to be honest, ego boosting show off albums like that do nothing but agitate me and want to throw things at the musicians…

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Audio Interview: De Profundis

A happy new year to all the listeners and readers from the Mosh on the Radio team! We hope you have a fabulous 2013!

We shall start the year as we mean to go on with an interview Tristan conducted with British progressive extreme metal band, De Profundis! You can listen to the interview on our Soundcloud page via the link below. Enjoy!

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Album Review: Stone Sour – House of Gold and Bones Part 2

Stone Sour are a well-known American rock band, formed by members of Slipknot, Corey Taylor and Jim Root. They have released five albums. Their fourth and fifth albums are a set: House of Gold and Bones Part 1 and 2. Along with these albums, Taylor decided to dabble in comics, releasing a four-issue mini-series that goes along with the two albums, following the journey of a character called ‘The Protagonist’. Following as the sequel to Part 1, fans of Stone Sour will not be disappointed by this release.

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Audio Interview: Adam Miles Interview (Interface, Abbotoir, Disconnect)

Mosh on the Radio interviews are like buses; you wait a while and 2 come along in quick succession! Head over to our Soundcloud page to hear Tristan’s inteview with Adam Miles of Interface, Abbotoir and Disconnect!

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Audio Interview: Akord

We have just added Tristan’s interview with Akord from earlier this year onto our Soundcloud page! Check it out here:

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Album Review: Ramage Inc. – Feel The Waves

I am not going to lie, when someone says to me “_____________ are the best thing to happen to live Scottish music,” I will always have my doubt, and after hearing a lot of these types of comments about Ramage Inc. in the run up to Upload 2013 (a live metal festival in Dundee) on June 1st, I really was worrying the amount of expectation I now had for this band was unfairly high… I am delighted to say, that while I wouldn’t go as far as saying they were the “best thing to happen to Scottish live music”, I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

I remember being impressed by the unique musical sound, and incredible vocal talent on display here. In places they reminded me of Devin Townsend (except: unpopular opinion – I like Ramage Inc. more than Townsend), but I was blown away with how they combined ambience with very skilfully played melodic lead parts and a really heavy sound. This meant as soon as they finished their 30 minute (give or take) set, realising I wanted to hear more…

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M. S. P. – Beauty Killed The Beast

Beauty Killed The Beast

Band name: Beauty Killed The Beast
Genre: Metalcore
Band line up:
Jordon McCubbin – Vocals
Chad Reddick – Guitar
Mike Kessel – Guitar
Nathan Reddick – Bass
Jake Bock – Drums
Where you come from: Sioux City, Iowa
Why people should check you out: We are an extremely dedicated group that love every second of what we do and hope to take our band all the way. We are committed to writing and performing quality music as well as helping out others in our scene keep their music alive.

Beauty Killed The Beast Logo

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