Album Review Adrenaline Mob – Men of Honour

Adrenaline Mob – Men of Honour

It’s been a while, but I’m back again. This time with slightly mixed feelings. Adrenaline Mob were a very late interest for me. Omertà (2012) was a saving grace. I’m rather picky when it comes to what I’ll listen to. Rather controversial for a rocker, but I love a good tune. Rather normal for a rocker, I love a sound that blows you over. This is what was offered in their first album, and I was hooked from track one. However, Men of Honour struck a slightly different chord.


The opening track starts with a crash of sound. Obviously, by the title ‘Mob is Back’, we being given a booming return, and if this album was a reunion album 15 years after the last, then I would enjoy it a lot more. It’s only been two years at most. So the whirlwind of intended astonishment that the band ‘is back’ is not fully achieved. Then comes the saviour. ‘Come on Get up’. Wow. Not much more can be said other than that. Wow. This song is an anthem. One that makes you want to punch and kick and jump and mosh like never before. Simply, it’s just unbelievably cool. ‘Dearly Departed’ follows suit. A good song, even if the verse structure is stolen from ‘The Pretender’ by The Foo Fighters. The ballads that follow are kind of…disappointing. I love a good ballad. Something you can air grab to and close your eyes as you belt it out with the force of a thousand suns. ‘Behind these Eyes’ and ‘Crystal Clear’ however, lack a punch. Still good tracks, don’t get me wrong, just not as good as what they are capable of. ‘All on the line’ from Omertà is an example of what they can do, now THAT is a ballad. The closest that they produce to that in this album is the closing track. ‘Fallin’ to Pieces’ sticks in your head. Catchy and powerful. What more can one want from a ballad?

The tracks preceding this, such as ‘Men of Honour’ and ‘Feel the Adrenaline’ keep the blood flowing. Nothing revolutionary, but then not every album has to be. Sometimes, you just need a good song and a good ol’ head bang, something that the boys from Adrenaline Mob know how to provide. All in all, this album was enjoyable. Not a thrill, not a masterpiece, just enjoyable. Some of the songs keep true to the band’s ability to write a great hard rock song, but mainly, this album falls short of expectations. All in all, a good album, but could be better.

Rating- 6/10

Favourite song- Come on Get up

By Max Anderson

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