Album Review: Eternal Storm – From The Ashes

So Eternal Storm are a melodic extreme metal band from Spain… and as I’m the new reviewer on this website, I had never heard of them before I agreed to review them…

So going in, I’m sad to say I expected some standard deathgrind or deathcore, like most bands who claim to be ‘extreme metal’ turn out to be… which is really depressing, because from my point of view, there is nothing extreme about such bands – especially since too many of them sound the same and are a bit repetitive… so what about this band?

Well – the intro track does sound extremely well done. I like the mildly dark atmosphere, and melodic clean sound. Unfading Memories seems like an interesting title for this track, and other track names, combined with the sound make you wonder if there is a recurring theme…

But sadly, I do not have the lyrics here, nor do I know where to find them, so I’m not going to be able to judge if there is or how well they pull it off, or the quality of the lyrics… I am reviewing purely based on just the sound of the vocals and the music…

The second track is the album’s title track, From The Ashes, and I have to say, this band now have my attention. I think melodic blackened death metal is what I would say about this song, and it is a very good example of it done right… the vocals sound rather insane, and unique as far as any kind of ‘extreme’ metal goes, and the music is fast, melodic, and very heavy – the kind of music that would be perfect live, and great in the mosh pits.
Now here’s the concern… now you’ve passed the intro and first full song, will all the other songs sound exactly the same like most albums do?


The third song is Boundaries Of Serenity, and to be blunt – this is old school death metal done right. It is brutal and fast as hell at times, and slower and extremely heavy at others, and the vocals are perfect for this song.

The next song, A Picture In The Dark is a much more melodic song, and in my opinion the best one so far. The style reminds me of Amon Amarth – but in a good way – it is catchy, melodic, and even more so than the others, showcases a real passion for their music, and the tune and tempo change leading into the solo works so well… take notes Trivium, some band DO know how to make that work properly. Either way, this is a fun song that shows this is a band who enjoy what they do, and this, combined with it being ‘Name Your Price’ on Bandcamp proves that they’re about the music, not just a band of posers out to make it big.

Eternity Forgotten (Follow The Cycle) has the daunting task of following up this last song, and honestly… the fast, heavy intro with a much more thrashy sound and pretty intense drumming, leading into a pretty cool verse riff with intense sounding vocals does work very well with some riffs later on in the song that remind me pleasantly of the Australian technical death metal band Ouroboros… the problem here comes with the early parts of the song reminding me a lot of Boundaries Of Serenity from earlier in the album. So I’ve encountered my first problem with this album… but no album is perfect and it doesn’t detract from my enjoyment, so let’s move on.

Track 6, The Dream, is again, a very different song, but again, an Amon Amarth vibe is present, but it’s not reminding me too much of A Picture In The Dark, and the lead riffs sound great. Looks like we’re back on track with this, my new favourite song on this album, which very nicely leads into the much faster Grey Skies. We’re only just over a minute in, and already we get assaulted by a great guitar solo, which works so well with this song which is very catchy, and feels like it wouldn’t be out of place being played at a folk metal concert. And still the vocals fit really well and their power and sound continue to impress. The outro goes on, maybe slightly too long, but it fades out into the sound of strong winds… leading into the final track.

So Distance is how this album ends… starting with a dark acoustic melody and the atmospheric wind blowing sound. And doesn’t go through with the temptation of turning into a long, drawn out grand finale song… which I actually like. To me, it is a great way to close this album.

All in all, I think it’s obvious to the few of you who have bothered to read this after my Trivium review that I like this band. Only a couple of slight issues to address, being that two of the songs sound similar and it doesn’t feel like it all flows as an album. It’s the same problem I have with Green Day’s album Nimrod and Fozzy’s Sin and Bones album… each individual song is really good, but they just feel like a compilation of songs rather than an actual album. But still, like with those albums, neither problem takes from my enjoyment here, and considering it’s ‘Name Your Price’ on Bandcamp, you would have to be crazy to miss out, especially if you’re a fan of Amon Amarth or Ouroboros.

I don’t know about ‘extreme metal’… but it is extremely good.

Eternal StormFrom The Ashes
Favourite Song: The Dream
Favourite Bit: The ending of The Dream leading so well into Grey Skies
Final Verdict: 10/10

Review by Stuart Johnstone.

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