Album Review: Ramage Inc. – Feel The Waves

I am not going to lie, when someone says to me “_____________ are the best thing to happen to live Scottish music,” I will always have my doubt, and after hearing a lot of these types of comments about Ramage Inc. in the run up to Upload 2013 (a live metal festival in Dundee) on June 1st, I really was worrying the amount of expectation I now had for this band was unfairly high… I am delighted to say, that while I wouldn’t go as far as saying they were the “best thing to happen to Scottish live music”, I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

I remember being impressed by the unique musical sound, and incredible vocal talent on display here. In places they reminded me of Devin Townsend (except: unpopular opinion – I like Ramage Inc. more than Townsend), but I was blown away with how they combined ambience with very skilfully played melodic lead parts and a really heavy sound. This meant as soon as they finished their 30 minute (give or take) set, realising I wanted to hear more…

Unfortunately moving house, settling into Aberdeen, other gigs I was going to, and starting college meant I sadly forgot about this band, but upon going down to Dundee again on November 15th to see Man Made Origin (whose album I also plan to review in the near future), and my favourite UK band, Animus, with Ramage Inc. headlining, I received a pleasant reminder as to what my life was missing… The set was incredible, this time about 60 minutes long, and we were given a show with vocalist/lead guitarist Ramage blasting us full force with his musical vision…

As soon as I got home that night, I took a mental note to myself that I had to check out their recently released album, Feel the Waves.

In all honesty, it was exactly what I expected it to be – amazing. From the opening track, By The Way Side, I could tell I had stumbled across something truly great, as a catchy melody with an interestingly unique guitar sound gives way to a low, heavy blasting rhythm, accompanied perfectly by Ramage’s wonderfully clear vocals, leading into an incredibly catchy chorus.

If you are the kind of person that worries that an incredible first track means the rest of the album will just be exact replicas of that one song, or that the following tracks will try and fail miserably to compare to its opening – fear not, because the 13 songs that follow are just as good, if not sometimes even better than the opener…

The vocals range from the incredibly strong sounding cleans from the title track, Feel The Waves, to some pretty powerful scream vocals in Scape. And the music is a nice blend of melodic, catchy tunes with a unique guitar sound like the opening of Sin to some in your face, heavy, blasting riffs in songs like Gave Up On Our World, with some nice catchy tunes in between that get in your head and refuse to leave, such as Don’t Bring Me Down.

All in all, I feel ashamed that I put off listening to this album for so long, and I really wish I had gotten to it sooner… but I am SO glad I finally gave it a full play through. 10/10

Review by Stuart Johnstone.


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