Album Review: Dead Letter Circus – The Catalyst Fire

This is the second album from the newly popular Australian group Dead Letter Circus who seem to bridge the genres of rock, progressive rock, metal, and electronic. They have a very energetic sound, and their lead singer Kim Benzie has a great voice. They remind me of a mixture of AFI, Escape the Fate, and My Chemical Romance – I like it. The Cure has a great complex rhythm to it, and a nice sound for the opening track of the album: wow, this guy Benzie has an impressive range. I really like the next track Alone Awake with its lively beat and echoed vocals. Burning Man has more great vocals, and a great drum/guitar interlude. Lodestar is another track I like off of this album – it is a good example of their overall sound, bringing together the vocals, intense lyrics, fast paced drums, rhythm changes, and guitar riffs. It also has a music video that goes along with it – check it out on Youtube. I Am is a slower track, but is not lacking in a powerful sound, with the last-minute of the track being echoed white noise sound. Say Your Prayers has some interesting lyrics worth listening closely to. The Veil has some fun choppy guitar and drumming that bring it a unique sound. The next track Insider is another slower track, but again has some great lyrics. Lost Without Leaders is a more rock-sounding track from this album with a touch of the electronic. Stand Apart has a rougher sound compared to the other tracks, but also has some appealing harmonized vocals. Kachina is the last track off the album. It has a nice little guitar solo, but overall this track has a lot of dimension – probably the best studio work compared to the other tracks in my opinion. They managed to really get a good balance between the various sounds used. There is a bit of dead noise at the end with cicadas I could do without, but that’s subjective of course. I enjoy the sound of this group, especially in particular the vocals and drums. Either Benzie has a God-given talent, or does a ton of scales every day. Probably both. Considering this is only their second album, I would venture to say us listeners have some good music to look forward to from this group!

Review by Jamie Erickson.


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