Album Review: Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt

Pearl Jam, another 90’s grunge band out of Seattle have released their 10th studio album Lightning Bolt. Although I am personally not the biggest Pearl Jam fan, but their new album was overall agreeable. It is an easy listen, with a few fun tracks that play up their old familiar styles with some new ones. The first track Getaway is a good one with typical rock style riffs and drums – probably being the track with the most punch to it. The single released for the album Sirens is a low-key track reminiscent of many of their old ballads. Lightning Bolt is for sure a rock song, but it seems like this track was meant to have more impact than it ultimately did. It was a good mid nineties style song that would have benefited from a little updating. Let the Records Play is not a bad track, and was probably my favorite with its southern style blues feel (I must admit I am a sucker for blues though). Future Days is a sweet song, playing with some acoustic guitars and fiddles – it was a nice choice to end the album with. So again, I would not say this was a hard-hitting new album from Pearl Jam, but it is pleasant to listen to. The album I must say all together had a decent flow to it – the tracks progressed well together and nothing sounded out of place. But as a whole it is an average album, with a few good songs and a few average songs. It is not that any of the tracks are bad; they just seem to pass by without anything to make your ears perk up. I would recommend giving the album a trial run for any Pearl Jam fans, or those who are looking for some easy rock to listen to!

Review by Jamie Erickson.


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One Response to Album Review: Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt

  1. ragmankd says:

    You missed out the other single they released, Mind Your Manners. Another hard rock song reminiscent of the Vs album, which for me is one of the stand out tracks of the album.
    Apart from that,good review.

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