Album Review: Godsmack – Live and Inspired

This two-disc album is an interesting release from Godsmack. The first disk is the first live album to be released by the band, which makes it unique. This disc has thirteen of their well known tracks such as Straight Out of Line, I Stand Alone, Awake and Speak. Surprisingly, their live tracks are not too shabby – I personally rarely purchase albums recorded live by artists, but if you are interested in these kinds of tracks this album is worth looking into. They give you a good selection, with singles and popular tracks spanning over all of their albums. It is also fun to listen to these tracks that again cover the space of their career – you really get a sense of their muse bands such as Pantera and Black Sabbath. The second disc contains four bonus cover tracks that I really would like to mention. The first track that was released as the single for the album Rocky Mountain Way is a cover from Joe Walsh. They really reinvented this one – they took it from a slow blues drawl to a high paced hard-hitting Godsmack track. I really enjoyed their fusion of blues with their own style – it was a successful combination. Their next cover was Come Together from The Beatles. I am a Beatles fan, but I enjoyed this cover. It was fun to listen to, and not at one point did I feel it was a disgrace to The Beatles. The third was Time from Pink Floyd. This cover was not bad, but I was not incredibly impressed by it either – the guitar riffs were good though! And last we have their cover of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. I will venture to say Godsmack’s cover was an improvement on the original. I do wish they had brought in perhaps some acoustic guitar (cowbell even… anything!) along with the piano, but the vocals appear to have been the main focus for this one. So please check out the covers on the second disc, and if you have been anxiously awaiting the release of a live album from Godsmack, then today is your lucky day man!

Review by Jamie Erickson.


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