Album Review: Nirvana – In Utero… Is it still awesome?

As you all know, In Utero was the third and final album Nirvana released, in 1993. At the time, the album was very different from the radio friendly Nevermind predecessor. It was rough, questionable, but still became a chart topper. Little was it known at the time though, that many tracks off this album would live on through the speakers of coffee shops and angsty teenagers for decades to come. Even if you do not know who Nirvana is (you must have been raised in a box) you will know their songs from this album, such as Heart Shaped-Box, Rape Me, Dumb, and All Apologies – all of which have become the defining songs of Nirvana as a classic grunge band. This album is iconic, to long time fans and new fans alike. They seemed with this album to draw attention to the so called ‘outcast’ social group, while at the same time showcasing their new coarse playing methods. For example, Kurt Cobain was no guitar genius, but his playing was easy to listen to and enjoyable. It cannot be denied that this album still inspires and influences many artists today, such as Muse who credit much of their inspiration, from starting out as musicians who played Nirvana covers. And of course the Foo Fighters, backed by Dave Grohl the drummer for Nirvana. But it does seem that most rock, grunge, and even some metal bands of the present day seem to in some way credit Nirvana as the basis for their musical background and inspiration. The nostalgia of this album is undeniably powerful. Although, many of us who have been listening to the album for many years have lost the thrill, and are tired of these songs being played over and over again – for goodness sakes (we say) there are other grunge bands out there! But there is a good reason why people still play, listen to, and love this album – it still resonates with us today, and this means it still an awesome album. I know that if I could only take one Nirvana album to a desert island with me it would for sure be In Utero.

Review by Jamie Erickson.


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One Response to Album Review: Nirvana – In Utero… Is it still awesome?

  1. Laura Jones says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. Thank You

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