Band of the Week: A Ritual Spirit

A Ritual Spirit 1

This week’s Band of the Week are from Scotland!!! We interviewed Steve, the guitarist of Edinburgh based hard rock group A Ritual Spirit to find out a bit more about a band a little bit closer to Mosh on the Radio HQ.

How long have you been playing together?
Steve: The band formed in late 2009, but a few of us have played in different bands together for years.

What makes you different than the millions of other bands across the globe hoping to make it?
Steve: I think we are an honest no nonsense type band who wear our influences on our sleeve without being carbon copies of anything, which I think a lot of bands tend to do nowadays.

What is your local metal scene like?
Steve: We’re from Edinburgh and the scene here is growing and growing all the time. There are a lot of cool bands coming through, hopefully it will keep getting better and better.

Do your lyrics have any concepts or themes within them?
Steve: Mine usually are based around stories I hear about, read about or things I just find really interesting. A song from our new album is about a priest I heard about giving acid to his flock to make them think what he was saying was true for example. Oli our singer writes more about his life and events that go on around him.

What was the last album you bought?
Steve: Soundgarden ‘King Animal’. Awesome!!!

Is there an album that inspired you to join a band?
Steve: Either Iron Maiden’s ‘Live After Death’ or Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’.

If you could trade places with another musician for a day, who would it be and why?
Steve: For me it would be James Hetfield basically just so I could play with Metallica.

Do you have any new material coming out?
Steve: We have our debut album ‘Carnival Carnivorous’ coming out very soon!!

Why should people check out your band?
Steve: We are a hard working, fun loving, a*s kicking band. What more could you possibly need?

Any last words for our listeners?
Steve: Please check us out. Get a copy of the new single ‘The Way I Died’ out now and the album when it’s out. You won’t be disappointed and hope to see you at a gig real soon!

A Ritual Spirit 2

A Ritual Spirit are:
Oli Bowker – Vocals,Guitar
Steve Patterson – Guitar
Craig Mayall – Bass
Dave Cumming – Drums

Official Website:


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