Band of the Week: Sorrowseed


This week, our band of the week are Massachusetts based extreme metal band, Sorrowseed. Vocalist Lilith Astaroth answered our (not very) gruelling questions!

How long have you been playing together?
Lilith: The band formed in 2009; we’ve been playing out since 2010.

What makes you different than the millions of other bands across the globe hoping to make it? 
Lilith: Our apocalyptic themes of natural and ancient terrors; along with blending many different genres of music into our sound – ranging from melodic, black, death, progressive, and doom.

What is your local metal scene like?
Lilith: The Massachusetts metal scene is great – so many brutal bands and devoted metalheads. It’s a great place to be if you like metal. There’s always a show to catch.

Do your lyrics have any concepts or themes within them?
Lilith: Yes, our first album “The Extinction Prophecies” tells of destruction and wrath brought upon humans by supernatural forces. Our next album, “Nemesis Engine“, will focus on more necromantic themes.

What was the last album you bought?
Lilith:The Last Argument of Kings“, from our friends in the Boston-based hard rock band Matalon.

Is there an album that inspired you to join a band?
Lilith: Not a particular album, but the genre as a whole was very inspirational.

If you could trade places with another musician for a day, who would it be and why?
Lilith: Probably Angela Gossow, since she’s the most worshipped female metal vocalist out there – must feel pretty nice.

Do you have any new material coming out?
Lilith: Yes, “Nemesis Engine” will be completed this summer and will be on the way later this year. It’s coming along very well with the help of Dan Malloy at Vipen Studios, and we’re very much looking forward to unleashing it!

Why should people check out your band?
Lilith: Because we want you to.

Any last words for our listeners?
Lilith: Be sure to find us on all of these places – and keep an eye on our website for album news, and upcoming tour dates. Be sure to pick up our music on iTunes, Amazon, and many other online retailers.

Sorrowseed are:
Lilith Astaroth – Screams of Torture
Morte McAdaver – Murderous Axes and Orchestral Depravities
Defiler Thane – Thumping Lines
Prometheus B. Subrick – Percussive Nightmares
The Phantom Cyr – Orchestral Depravities
Eric Pellegrini – (Live) Battlefield Axes and Soloist Depravities

Official Website:
CD Baby:


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