Playlist 30th Apr 2013

Artist – Track – Album

Minority Sound – The Explorer – The Explorer
The Human Abstract – Counting Down the Days – Midheaven
Masteroid – Pimeys Orjuutttaa – MMXIII
Liveevil – Spirit and Water – 3 Altering
Secret of Darkness – Voices of Truth – (In)Humanity
Age of Taurus – The Bull and the Bear – Desperate Souls of Tortured Times
Abstract Essence – Limitless Futures – Love Enough
Dagoba – By The Sword – Post Mortem Nihil Est

Talanas Live Interview

Talanas – The Ecstacy of Betrayal – The Waspkeeper

Zombie Inc – Homo Gusticus – Homo Gusticus
Trail of Tears – Crimson Leads on the Trail of Tears – Oscillation

Band of the Week

Trainwreck Architect – Rabid Psychotic Relapse – Feed Them Bullets

Spires – The Infinite Descent – Spiral Of Ascension


About moshontheradio

Mosh on the Radio: the 2 hour metal 'mix tape' streamed to you every Tuesday night. More brutal than a bag of honey badgers, more underground than a Womble. Now with subtitles!
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