Album Review : Temper Temper

Bullet For My Valentine: Temper Temper

Well, after a long time being busy with things (my own band, college, etc.), I have finally found the time to write another review… so I figured I would kill two birds with one stone: I will do the review I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do, AND I will be addressing something I said in a previous review that people have been getting angry at me for.

So I previously said I hated Trivium’s In Waves album, even going so far as to say I hated it more than I hate Miley Cyrus (which says a lot), so to illustrate why, I’m going to use an album that has a lot of the same problems to explain why… so instead of the usual thing where I’m meant to build it up in order to make you want to read on, I’m going to ruin it for you… Bullet For My Valentine’s Temper Temper SUCKS!

So… you COULD close this now, or… you can stick around to see why I hate them so much and how this review fits in to why I hate In Waves so much… up to you though…

Well, in the hopes that someone bothered to read on, let us begin.

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Album Review Adrenaline Mob – Men of Honour

Adrenaline Mob – Men of Honour

It’s been a while, but I’m back again. This time with slightly mixed feelings. Adrenaline Mob were a very late interest for me. Omertà (2012) was a saving grace. I’m rather picky when it comes to what I’ll listen to. Rather controversial for a rocker, but I love a good tune. Rather normal for a rocker, I love a sound that blows you over. This is what was offered in their first album, and I was hooked from track one. However, Men of Honour struck a slightly different chord.


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Minimosh 12 : Martyr Defiled

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This Tuesday from 7pm (GMT)!

Mosh 3

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The Return…


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Minimosh 10 : Hundreth

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Minimosh 9 : Being As An Ocean

This week we speak to the powerful Being As An Ocean, melodic hardcore rockers from the States, on tour with August Burns Red. We talk about their music style and whats its like being on tour.

Being As An Ocean

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MiniMosh 8 : Rex Shachath

This interview is from a while back, Rex Shachath are an old school death metal band from Northern Ireland.

Check out the interview!

Rex Shachath

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Minimosh 7: August Burns Red

This week we talk to Jake of August Burns Red, who were playing at The Tunnels on the 5th Feb.

We talk about the new record, what its like to play in the UK and of course about what kind of vegetable he would be.

August Burns Red

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Audio Interview: Patrons Of The Rotting Gate

Another audio interview for you all to check out! This time Tristan grills Andrew Millar from Patrons Of The Rotting Gate!

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